New album released by Weird Truth (JP)

•November 13, 2010 • 5 Comments

New album will be released by Weird Truth in Japan. Makoto has always been a big supporter of our band, and so it is with trust and a good feeling that I let him take the main stage for this one. My own label Endzeit Elegies will supply the album to you or to our known partners, as usual.

This will also drive up the heat. My first real record label since 2006’s “I am your ruin” by Beyond The Void. This will make me focus. We are aiming for a release in the first quarter of 2011. Artwork will be ready in January.

I hope to finish the recordings in January, too, so that we can start production.But as usual, I will only let it go when I think it is good. Not too early. So I can’t 100% calculate it. I know now that I have time in the weeks around christmas to work on it..

There will also be an LP release, not from Weird Truth as they only provide CDs. More from that soon.


•October 16, 2010 • 4 Comments

I’d love to do a song about time with Worship someday, but for now I’d just like to share how interestingly hard it is to capture time at the moment and use it for my band.

You will remember that I work fulltime now as a composer, and that is some change to a normal ordinary fuck-work-where-is-the-weekend life most of us live. I know I have.

In short, I have the BIG honor to provide music and sound for the PC game “Dungeons”. We are talking about evil, demonic, orchestral fantasy stuff. And a lot of monster and battle sounds. Absolutely cool, but it messes up my Worship schedule.

In the game industry, schedules are often tight, and so I have to finish all this till November. As I look at my calendar, I don’t actually have any day off until mid November at least. So where do we record Worship? DAMN.

I will adjust. I will now work every day on Worship for one hour, to get the writings finished. Song #1 and #2 are very close to being done (I rework and rework them until it’s perfect for me).

I am still at writing stage, no way I can get the album out in 2010. I don’t “need to”, thanks to the new soundtrack job I can sustain myself a bit longer. But I WANT to. Childish pride aside, I have to delay the release to the first quarter of 2011.

Worship is slow as its music is, everyone knows that, so most of you expected that anyway, some of you will be pissed off, I understand that too. I can only say: It’s a first for me, to work fulltime with audio, it’s exciting, and unpredictable. But Worship will go on. I love my new sound, and I can’t wait to hold the new album in my hands.

Song #2 complete?

•September 24, 2010 • 5 Comments

I think it fell into place. Still wrestling with the long opener, but I guess the flow for Song #2 is now quite close to final. Let’s call it “Final for now”. Cool intro, a heavy main riff, a chorus, a verse, a calmer part which is a variation of the main riff. Today I added another heavy riff and a solo, and now it seems tight. Dropped tuning.

Some of you might have read that I love to put old parts into new songs. If you care for those things, you might like that I recently remembered the very first part I have written for Dooom. It’s extremely simple. I last played the part in 1998. 🙂 This was before Max or me knew what we would do after Last Tape Before Doomsday, and before we decided to do EPs. I had not used the part in the end back then, but now it clings to the new melodic end of Song #2, and now it finally has its place!

Ideas and Concerts

•September 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

Yesterday was a Worship day – tremors going through the old beast of a band – as a good and interesting concert offer came in for 2011. Not solid yet but I guess it will happen, as it’s coming from a venue we played before and from a friend. Now, with 1 gig on the table, more will be more likely. My band is looking forward!

I will work hard to top our previous performances. New lineup will meet you (as Satachrist has left us). New and old songs. So if you like us to play nearby, easy. Just tell me. Point me towards a venue/promoter/agency that has handled similar gigs in the past. Check your flyers, posters, websites for details. Quite easy. Anyone interested in inviting Worship over, contact us at info |at| endzeitelegies |dot| com.

And so as my mind was in Worship territory, I worked on the new material for some hours. Everytime I pick up my guitar to take the pile of ideas, and try to hammer them into a good structure, more ideas come up. This album will be full of ideas left and right, if I can smolder them into cohesive songs. Still a long way to go. But I think we can expect the album to be more complex than Dooom. Longer songs, more stuff inside.

Dooom LP is back

•August 31, 2010 • 7 Comments

Not a very creative blog post, but I thought it might be of interest to one or another of you. Recently, Fred of Painiac, spreader of vinyl, got in touch and told me he found a lost box of Dooom Double LP sleeves. He wanted me to have the now complete remaining LPs, and so I could put them back into our shop.

Talking of vinyl, I am planning to do both CD and Vinyl version again for the next album, I love that shit. That’s why I am already maneuvering inside the limitations of an LP. CD can take of course much more minutes of music than our old vinyl grandfather, but that’s OK. Writing a double LP release would take me much longer. As I said, it looks as if we are going for 1 very long and 2 long songs. I am not 100% sure, as I still structure and restructure the 3 songs…  Today I found a good intro for one song, and a new verse for another. It slowly takes form.


•August 24, 2010 • 5 Comments

DSL down, posting from the iphone of all things. But Guitar ready to go. Today, I played the new material for hours, even had a few more ideas. They are getting many, time to record them and bring it in the right order. Started to do so today.

Some of the new stuff is in diminished scale, a not-so-often-used scale, which sounds edgy and weird, demonic, and a bit thrash metal.

Working title found (but not shared yet)

•July 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Hi, I think I have finally found my working title. I left my old 2 original concepts and shifted to the concept of the dream I recently had. It will be apocalyptic, in a way, but somewhat twisted and weird and mysterious I hope.

I will now carry the working title a little bit with me to see whether it works for a longer time or  starts to suck tomorrow.

Plans move along

•June 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

Wow, tomorrow it’s 3 weeks since my move to the new studio, and I had no time to post an update, amazing. It feels like 1 week.

I am completing some music orders every day, that keeps me quite busy. Next week I’ll be in Sweden and in Cologne, the latter being the LARA award ceremony.

BUT, my plans for Worship move along. I haven’t even unpacked my guitar so to speak, that’s bad, but I have aquired a few things which I’ll need to start working. My studio space is still not prepared, my new speakers have not been bought and so on, but I progress, slowly.

Have been working a little on the lyrics for the new album.


•June 1, 2010 • 1 Comment

Today is the last day for me of conventional work as we have come to know and hate.  Tomorrow I will be at home preparing for our move on Saturday, and when I have moved into my doomy mansion, I will work from home. Suddenly I can focus my whole energy into music and sound design. I can’t tell you how awesome that is.

Yes, I instinctively prepared my life for my bands to become bigger and bigger. That did not work out the way I thought. Music biz is getting tougher and tougher.  I talked a lot about that, how our perception of what we should pay for music and the money it costs to produce music is growing apart.

But, luckily, I connect myself to the games and movie industry. How undoomy of me, I know. But I never pretended that I like only 1 kind of music. I have been playing video games since I was 6 or so. Metal I discovered much later. Anyway, in any conventional definition of youth, mine was pretty much wasted 😉

Movies and games will always need sound. And I think there is a future for me in them. Wish me luck.

So, I will continue working on the album, and I must and will release it in 2010.

P.S. While I move, the shop will be a little slow. And after our moves, shirts will be ordered as promised. Possibly, we put it out all at the same time (shirts + album) to make it easier and cheaper for you to bulk order.


•May 21, 2010 • 2 Comments

this morning, Worship ideas just jump into my head. Got a few ideas for the songs on the second side of the LP (the 1st side is more or less finished). So, while I am doing necessary office stuff, melodies and riffs bounce back and forth in my head, I love that. Worship uses me as a composing slave again.