Lyrics are done soon

•July 14, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Lyrics are done soon, and then I will give them to my artist for the artwork…. It’s still a long way but at least I can see half of the path from here. I am psyched to have it done, believe me. But it’s a heavy stone to push to the top, and I am a bit down and exhausted. It will progress slowly, but I will make sure it does trod forward…

I also prepared some organisational stuff about the release, and slowly get in the necessary mindset to pull it off…  I am usually not in that black and dark mood, which is the homeland of Worship. I feel a bit like Max these days, and maybe I can understand him better through the recordings of this album.


Progress! And Lyrics

•July 1, 2011 • 1 Comment

As I am in a very dark and foul mood on and off these last 2 weeks, not my usual state of mind, I used the force of my mood to write some lyrics… I have written a few pages for Song 2 and Song 3. I am getting more and more in the mood to complete the album, already guessing how many days of work it is, thinking about when I might have those days available, every now and then going to my lyrics corner to write down an idea.

While I agree that it is the best time to work on Worship when I am feeling down, I still hope to be my almost-optimistic self again soon. My peace of mind is clouded, and I hate that when I want to be creative… Maybe we can, together, muster enough material for half a hope? Anyone?


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Just played through the new album, and I truly enjoy it. There is so much Worship and so much new. I don’t think I hurt the Worship style anywhere, but it still feels fresh. Maybe because of the concept, or because it’s 3 songs… It’s also deeper, 2 of the songs are tuned deeper than any Worship song before.

I will move forward now, I am so much looking forward to it. And so far, other soundtrack jobs get thinner for me right now, that’s the best situation for the new album to happen. It’s still very far too go, but I am willing to move forward… Will tackle the lyrics next, now that the structure is almost final.

Yes they are available

•June 22, 2011 • 2 Comments

Short commercial, as I have been asked 2 times in the past few days if the stuff in our tiny shop is indeed available, if Last CD Before Doomsday and Last Vinyl Before Doomsday and/or Dooom CD can be bought there.  Yes, they can. Only the shirts are getting thinner, the rest is very much available!

I think it’s interesting that some people can’t believe they can buy my stuff, so maybe I need to be more public about it? Consider this one such little move.

I know. What an empty post. But I hope the search engines will be thankful at least. Doom! Funeral Doom! CD Worship Buy Shop Thing! 😉

June and July look quite good

•May 28, 2011 • 2 Comments

OK they are hot as shite, I know, but it looks as if I will have some time to invest into Worship in those months, especially July. Just practiced the new songs a bit, and I guess they are soon done enough to be recorded for the album. The rest 10% will come while recording, as I try different things.

I always set wrong dates, but I think technically it is possible that I finish the mix in July. I won’t promise anything, because who knows what will happen…

Song 1 polishing

•May 17, 2011 • 1 Comment

As we come closer to the end of intense non-Worship songwriting, I am thirsty for those doomy tunes… I sat down today and played through Song 1, and had some great ideas about the middle parts of this very long beast of a song, heading towards being the longest Worship song yet.

That’s the only bright side here – the longer these songs ripen, the better they get, I think. Whenever I let everything settle, and do something else for a while, then come back to the songs, I have a new angle and new ideas. I don’t know when I am finally able to say: they are done. I guess soon. As it looks now, I can make actual recording progress in June and July. Thanks for your ongoing patience.

Only little news

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Still busy, still working on soundtracks = my new job. I could never have estimated how busy it will keep me, sorry again… Who would have thought? Quite painfully busy until June, then nothing so far. We can hope.

Our demonic score for “Dungeons” has received some second-hand glory by the game hitting #1 German charts and #8 in the UK charts earlier this year. So, I have a number 1 album now – of sorts, if I squint a little. The music is very evil, about catacombs, dungeons, ruins and hell, so nothing to be ashamed of at all….

But I made some progress, Worship Song 3 made a large jump ahead and is much closer to finished composition-wise. I made some plans how to record the drums, first test recordings after I got my new audio interface…

And I keep on thinking about the album after the next. Talking about it with drummer Claus every now and then, and doing some research…  If I can shape my life around it, and if my financing idea works, it will be a big project for 2012…

Ah and please contact me with gig offers… We have something planned for the winter and need more dates!