Ideas and Concerts

Yesterday was a Worship day – tremors going through the old beast of a band – as a good and interesting concert offer came in for 2011. Not solid yet but I guess it will happen, as it’s coming from a venue we played before and from a friend. Now, with 1 gig on the table, more will be more likely. My band is looking forward!

I will work hard to top our previous performances. New lineup will meet you (as Satachrist has left us). New and old songs. So if you like us to play nearby, easy. Just tell me. Point me towards a venue/promoter/agency that has handled similar gigs in the past. Check your flyers, posters, websites for details. Quite easy. Anyone interested in inviting Worship over, contact us at info |at| endzeitelegies |dot| com.

And so as my mind was in Worship territory, I worked on the new material for some hours. Everytime I pick up my guitar to take the pile of ideas, and try to hammer them into a good structure, more ideas come up. This album will be full of ideas left and right, if I can smolder them into cohesive songs. Still a long way to go. But I think we can expect the album to be more complex than Dooom. Longer songs, more stuff inside.

~ by Daniel Pharos on September 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ideas and Concerts”

  1. I cant wait the next worship Album!!!
    Good Luck!!!

  2. Come to Montreal. Please.

    As for Canada, I can think of a few promoters that could book you. For Montreal it’s pretty complicated, but for Vancouver I’d recommend the Invisible Orange. They usually deal in more mainstream metal, but I’ve seen them book some fairly underground acts. They’re pretty good at promoting shows, and I’ve done some show reviews for them in the past.

    I know that you guys need to play to club halls. I can’t imagine seeing your band in any other context. Hopefully, there would be enough of an audience for you to come.

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