Song #2 complete?

I think it fell into place. Still wrestling with the long opener, but I guess the flow for Song #2 is now quite close to final. Let’s call it “Final for now”. Cool intro, a heavy main riff, a chorus, a verse, a calmer part which is a variation of the main riff. Today I added another heavy riff and a solo, and now it seems tight. Dropped tuning.

Some of you might have read that I love to put old parts into new songs. If you care for those things, you might like that I recently remembered the very first part I have written for Dooom. It’s extremely simple. I last played the part in 1998. 🙂 This was before Max or me knew what we would do after Last Tape Before Doomsday, and before we decided to do EPs. I had not used the part in the end back then, but now it clings to the new melodic end of Song #2, and now it finally has its place!

~ by Daniel Pharos on September 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Song #2 complete?”

  1. I just can’t wait for the new Dooomish works !

  2. Great news! Can’t wait for you’re new work!

  3. Thanks for the support. Gotta say this from time to time, I really appreciate it!

  4. This will be a Masterpiece! i am sure!
    (personally i hope you finish the album in this year, but i dont believe, because the another songs arent ready yet (in consecuence, not recorded) and the masterization process is too long (for example forgotten tomb started to recording their new album in August, and they will release their album in January). well, i hope to listen this new album in 2011)

    sorry for my english, i am from chile

  5. Great news, thanks for keeping us posted!

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