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Here is the official link: http://roadburn.com/band/worship/
Here is the official text, quote…

Last show before doomsday? Better catch Worship at Roadburn 2018, just in case

Worship are legendary, particularly within the doom community. And even if you aren’t too familiar with them, the fact they released a record called Dooom in 2007 should really tell you all about them. One of the most important bands to have helped define the characteristics of the very specific funeral doom subgenre in the 90s, after the first wave of Thergothon, Skepticism, Esoteric or Funeral got the ball rolling (really, really slowly, and uphill, of course), they achieved cult status with their very first release already. The wonderfully titled Last Tape Before Doomsday had, back in 1999, an impact on the scene like few other releases have managed to. The tragic beauty of its four long and mournful songs, looms constantly over its 46 minutes, always raw and minimalist, with broken strands of piano and occasional acoustic interludes only adding to the feeling of impending dread rather than alleviating it.

Almost unbearably heavy, Last Tape Before Doomsday grew way beyond its modest beginnings, over time – originally a demo, obviously released on tape, it’s been since reissued many times, with the title accompanying the corresponding format, so all you doom maniacs, at least the self-respecting ones, probably have several copies of the Last CD Before Doomsday or the Last Vinyl Before Doomsday at home. And now, it’s finally time for Roadburn to provide the Last Show Before Doomsday! That’s right, Worship will perform the entirety of this legendary demo/album at Roadburn 2018, from the harrowing beginning of Whispering Gloom to the twisted final chords and piercing feedback at the end of the self-titled final song, Worship. We’re getting chills already just thinking about it.

Worship will be performing Last Tape Before Doomsday in its entirety at 013 venue on Saturday, 21 April. It’s been nice knowing you all.

José Carlos Santos / December 2017

WORSHIP tour dates

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Stupidly, we had to cancel our performance at those gigs, deeply sorry! Please read more details here.

Here are our tour dates for the gigs this month:

WORSHIP + MAJESTIC DOWNFALL – Dusk of Europe Tour 2016

21/02 – Copenhagen, DEN @ Ungdomshuset
22/02 – Tilburg, NL @ Little Devil
23/02 – Freiburg, GER @ Slow Club
24/02 – Parma, ITA @ Titty Twister club
25/02 – Bologna, ITA @ Freakout Club
26/02 – Vienna, AUS @ Escape Metalcorner
27/02 – Brno, CZ @ M13 Club



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For the first time, some health stuff seriously messed up all my schedules. Hasn’t happened before, and now I am warned (would not want to let anyone wait like this again, so I wouldn’t do it like this again). Sorry. The album is almost done and will be intense, though, and I hope you will like it, so you won’t be too angry in the end I hope.

I am much better now, and I am trying to catch up as fast as I can. More up to date recording news might be found on our facebook page. If you need to cancel your preorder, which is sad but understandable, please contact me!

New Album ready to be pre-ordered, US Tour Dates

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“Dusk of Legion, Morning of One”

– that is the name of our forthcoming album, which you can now pre-order in our very own online shop:


(Digipak or tape, plus fitting album shirt, Last Shirt Before Doomsday (it’s back!) and a new “Last XX” hoodie!)


The limited first edition of the CD will come as a cool Digipak (released by Weird Truth, Japan). Designed by The Doommonger (that’s me), using my photos and paintings, so expect it to be different, personal (weird?) and close to my vision.

When do they ship?

All items are estimated to ship in November, we will let you know as soon as we know more.

How about vinyl?

A wonderful 2LP edition is coming up, too, but as we are currently signing on to a new label, we can’t accept pre-orders yet. I think it will spawn in the 1st quarter of 2016, but we will let you know precisely as soon as we know more.

And digital?

We are currently joining Bandcamp. Every order of the CD will receive a free code for a digital copy of the album (sent with the “item has been shipped” notification)! That way, you can listen to the music as soon as the cd ships (if you desire), no matter how far away you live. This is guaranteed for pre-orders, and we reserve the right to adjust this for future orders after seeing how well it went. Other digital options will be announced later.

Why pre-order?

You don’t have to. It’s a good way to secure a copy of the limited digipak 1st edition, though, and the only way to receive our special little pre-order gift.  But honestly: It’s just a big help to us, and a great way to show your support 🙂 I totally get it if you dislike pre-orders and prefer to wait.

Other sizes?

If you need any other sizes for the new merch, just let me know ( info AT EndzeitElegies Dot Com). Thanks to the pre-order, I will most probably be able to help you out!

How is the album?

“Right after our 2012 tour with FAAL, I started writing on our next album, inspired by the adventures and on-stage highlights of that wonderful tour (which was a turning point for us). 3 years later, “Dusk of Legion, Morning of One” is about to be released!

Because of the live influence, there are more riffs and more dramatic moments. For the first time, all our musicians will also play on the album (less work for me!). The range of moods and paces is slightly raised, some new well-blended elements will meet our faithful foundation. Songs are pretty much packed full of ideas, without losing sight of what we really are, I hope you can feel 3 years of fat-trimming and polishing. 5 Songs (+Intro) take you on a solitary messiah/pariah journey to the early hours of mankind & the birth of its fatal Flaw, falling from the heights of Creation through the deepest valleys of despair. “

WORSHIP – Dusk of Legion, Morning of One
(WT045,Weird Truth)

60 minutes, 6 tracks
Dusk (Intro)
Weight of a Fallen World
Core of Shadows
The Promised Wastelands
Garden of Undoing
Morning of One

Talking of Live: Check out our US tour dates:

WORSHIP, LYCUS (filling in for LOSS), Shroud of the Heretic

Friday October 2nd — Seattle, WA at Highline

Saturday October 3rd — Portland, OR at Panic Room

Sunday October 4th — TBA

Monday October 5th — Salt Lake City, UT at Metro Bar

Tuesday October 6th — Denver, CO at 3 Kings Tavern

Wednesday October 7th — Phoenix, AZ at Yucca Tap Room

Thursday October 8th — Los Angeles (Glendale), CA at The Complex

Sunday October 11th — Oakland, CA at California Deathfest

LOSS / WORSHIP European Tour

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Gloom over Europa
European Tour 2014

May 2nd Copenhagen, Denmark :
Heavy Days in Doomtown III @ Ungdomshuset [fb event]   LOSS ONLY!

May 4th     Aalborg, Denmark : 1000fryd [fb event]
May 5th     Hamburg, Germany : Hafenklang [fb event]
May 6th     Rostock, Germany : JAZ
May 7th     Leipzig, Germany : UT Connewitz [fb event]
May 8th     Potsdam, Germany : U-24 [fb event]
May 9th     Brussels, Belgium : Magasin4 [fb event]
May 10th   Dordrecht, Netherlands : Dordrecht Doom Day IV @ Popcentrale [fb event]
May 11th   Paris, France : Le Klub [fb event]
May 12th   Bordeaux, France : Heretic Club [fb event]
May 13th   Milan, Italy : Blue Rose Saloon [fb event]
May 14th   Ljubljana, Slovenia : Klub Gromka
May 15th   Vienna, Austria : Arena Vienna
May 16th   Wroclow, Poland : Ciemna Strona Miasta [fb event]
May 17th   Berlin, Germany : Kastanienkeller [fb event]

[Presented by Killtown Bookings.]

Funeral Doom Metal bands LOSS (USA) and WORSHIP (Germany) are co-headlining around Europe, 14 gigs in a row plus LOSS @ Heavy Days…

Please spread the news! In case you want to promote this thing on Facebook, join the FB event listed behind the gigs, and click the tour flyer above then “share”!

Our last tour was quite fantastic in our eyes. Join us and help us make this one even better!

See you there!!!


LOSS / WORSHIP European Tour 2014

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LOSS / WORSHIP European Tour 2014!!!

The rumours are true: This May we are back on tour, with our US doom friends LOSS! Here are the dates as of today:

May 4th: Aalborg (DK) @1000fryd
May 5th: Hamburg (DE) @Hafenklang
May 6th: Show Needed
May 7th: Leipzig (DE) @UT Connewitz
May 8th: Show Needed
May 9th: Brussels (BE) @ Venue TBA
May 10th: Dordrecht (NL) @Dordrecht Doomdays IV
May 11th: Paris (FR) @Venue TBA
May 12th: Bordeaux (FR) @Heretic Club w Monarch
May 13th: Milano (IT) @Blue Rose Saloon
May 14th: Postojna (SI) @Venue TBA
May 15th: Vienna (AT) @Arena
May 16th: Wroclaw (PL) @ Ciemna Strona Miasta
May 17th: Berlin (DE) @Venue TBA

If you are a booker or promoter and are interested in the May 6th or 8th slots, contact us or the booking agency Killtown Bookings.

The rest of you: Permission to share the crap out of this, and we hope to see you there!!!

More details and tour artwork are coming soon….

Upcoming concerts for 2014

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Hey guys, calm days are ahead, but not here… Writing for the new album, planning Worship schemes for 2014…

We are just coming from the wonderful Doom Over London 2013, which we were allowed to headline, a dream come true to finally play in London!

Check out these announced gigs for 2014 (more coming up!):

JAPAN Tour with Funeral Moth
FEBRUARY, 7th 2014 Miyagi (JP) / Sendai Flying Son w/ Begrabnis
FEBRUARY, 8th 2014 Tokyo (JP) / Shinjyuku Antiknock w/ Albiorix Requiem
FEBRUARY, 9th 2014 Osaka (JP) / Shinsaibashi Pangea w/ Corrupted

MARCH, 22nd 2014 Doom Over Kiev, Ukraine / Bingo w/October Tide, When Nothing Remains etc.

AUGUST, 6th-9th 2014, BRUTAL ASSAULT Festival, Czech Republic w/ many bands like Amon Amarth, Venom, Sodom, Obituary, My Dying Bride, Children of Bodom, Six Feet Under!


MORE GIGS for 2014 will be announced soon, very active year for us! Nice holidays to you all…

WORSHIP gigs for 2013

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Hello Worshippers,

here are the forthcoming WORSHIP gigs for 2013:

Saturday, Sept 21st
Adelsheim (DE), Live Factory
WORSHIP, Heimdalls Wacht (DE), Nefastt (FR), Thormesis (DE)
(last minute gig, please spread the news to everyone that needs to know)

Sunday, Sept 22nd
Incubate Festival
Tilburg (NL), 013, Stage01
21:00 (don’t miss Faal, 19:30, same stage)


Sunday, Dec 15th
Doom Over London IV
London, The Garage

Wonderful gigs, but 2013 was rather calm for us stage-wise. But 2014 will make up for it, be prepared for some very good news in the next weeks!



Order new WORSHIP Funeral Doom album on CD/LP/MC and new merch!

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Order WORSHIP’s new Funeral Doom album now! On CD, Double LP and Tape!

New in our shop: New CD, New 2LP, New Tape, Tour Shirt “Terranean Wake”, Shirt “Terranean Cross”, Zipper Jacket “Terranean Cross” and buttons! More info to each in our shop:

Please note the estimated release dates.

The first 200 orderers of one of the new items in our shop from today on will get a little special unique thank you for your very welcome support of WORSHIP!

6 Euro secure flatrate shipping worldwide. You can ask for an autograph in your order comment!

New shop features: Also in French! Better smooth connection to Paypal. New shipping option: “Add to my other open order without additional shipping costs!” You can preorder the LP now, and while that is waiting add a shirt later, no extra shipping costs. (find this among the shipping options marked with 0 EURO).

If you prefer to shop locally: The new stuff will be partially also available at the connected labels Weird Truth (CD, www.weirdtruth.jp) and Bubonic (Tape, www.endserver.com/bubonic/), their distros worldwide and our distros and resellers worldwide. We will promote them all on our Facebook page as soon as we know the stuff has hit their shops! You can ask me, too.

AND LAST: Please promote this, share this, tell your doom friends. Thanks for your ongoing support! If you are a facebook user please share this post , or retweet this.

See you on tour,


Friday, October 19 – Helvete – Oberhausen – Germany
Saturday, October 20 – Magasin4 – Brussels – Belgium
Sunday, October 21 – Dutch Doom Days – Baroeg – Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Monday, October 22 – Mukkes – Leeuwarden – The Netherlands
Tuesday, October 23 – Markthalle – Hamburg – Germany
Wednesday, October 24 – Ungdomshuset – Copenhagen – Denmark
Thursday, October 25 – HooDoo Music Club – Prague – Czech Republic
Friday, October 26 – Doom over Vienna – The Escape – Vienna – Austria
Saturday, October 27 – Sub – Graz – Austria

September will see album and new stuff hit our shop!

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Watch this space… Soon you will be able to order a lot of new WORSHIP stuff…

Album and Merch to hit our shop: approx. mid SEPTEMBER
CD and Merch will ship: As soon as in our hands, approx. 1st half of October
LP will ship: As soon as in our hands, approx. 2nd half of October

We will have CDs and merch quite certainly with us on tour, LPs will propably arrive a bit too late for the tour start on Oct 19th (production time with test pressings etc. is considerably longer).

And there will be a special thank you for our faithful supporters, too, more soon!