Plans move along

Wow, tomorrow it’s 3 weeks since my move to the new studio, and I had no time to post an update, amazing. It feels like 1 week.

I am completing some music orders every day, that keeps me quite busy. Next week I’ll be in Sweden and in Cologne, the latter being the LARA award ceremony.

BUT, my plans for Worship move along. I haven’t even unpacked my guitar so to speak, that’s bad, but I have aquired a few things which I’ll need to start working. My studio space is still not prepared, my new speakers have not been bought and so on, but I progress, slowly.

Have been working a little on the lyrics for the new album.

~ by Daniel Pharos on June 25, 2010.

One Response to “Plans move along”

  1. I want be the first person who listen to the new Worship.

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