DSL down, posting from the iphone of all things. But Guitar ready to go. Today, I played the new material for hours, even had a few more ideas. They are getting many, time to record them and bring it in the right order. Started to do so today.

Some of the new stuff is in diminished scale, a not-so-often-used scale, which sounds edgy and weird, demonic, and a bit thrash metal.

~ by Daniel Pharos on August 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Jam”

  1. Diminished scale sounds good to me.
    Daniel, I trust in your genius and I know the next Worship album will be the best in the history of Funeral Doom. I’m aware of problems and lack of time, but your persistence just gives me more sure.
    Worship is everything.

  2. i hope you know that max would kick your ass if he was still alive and knew what you are doing with worship. if you had even the smallest respect for him, you wouldn’t be doing this. he always talked about you in the best way, but what are you doing now is completely against his belief.

    • I respect your opinion, but what am I doing? I am writing new material for the band for which I have written 100% of the music (except 1 track by my guitar player) and 50% of the lyrics? A band where I have played every instrument and did half of the vocals?

      I am the first to respect him, and I will never forget him. You are of course right, he would have loved to kill the band early because “all the cool bands are disbanded”, but now that he is gone, that not so very well put reasoning to quit is weaker than the ongoing support by the fanbase and my drive to continue. Look at the other comments!

      Believe me, my respect for him is considerable. It took people a few years to convince me to continue, and now I like it too much to stop. I can’t care too much for what others say, it would be very un-Max, very un-Worship, and not very artist like.

      You have the power. If you don’t like my new stuff, don’t buy it.

  3. Certainly I’ll buy the new album and I want CD and LP too.
    I’m so happy that Worship is alive, Daniel is doing a wonderful job.
    Unfortunaly I live in Brazil, but someday I’ll go to Europe to see Worship live.
    Long live Worship.

  4. i’m not critisising what you’re doing, like you said, 50% of the band is you. i’m just critisising the way you’re doing this. you’ve turned worship in some whore-like thing, which you’re trying to turn into something over-hyped. like doing this “check out what i’m doing with my next album” updates which are just pathetic.

    my 5 cents to this topic, over and out

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