I’d love to do a song about time with Worship someday, but for now I’d just like to share how interestingly hard it is to capture time at the moment and use it for my band.

You will remember that I work fulltime now as a composer, and that is some change to a normal ordinary fuck-work-where-is-the-weekend life most of us live. I know I have.

In short, I have the BIG honor to provide music and sound for the PC game “Dungeons”. We are talking about evil, demonic, orchestral fantasy stuff. And a lot of monster and battle sounds. Absolutely cool, but it messes up my Worship schedule.

In the game industry, schedules are often tight, and so I have to finish all this till November. As I look at my calendar, I don’t actually have any day off until mid November at least. So where do we record Worship? DAMN.

I will adjust. I will now work every day on Worship for one hour, to get the writings finished. Song #1 and #2 are very close to being done (I rework and rework them until it’s perfect for me).

I am still at writing stage, no way I can get the album out in 2010. I don’t “need to”, thanks to the new soundtrack job I can sustain myself a bit longer. But I WANT to. Childish pride aside, I have to delay the release to the first quarter of 2011.

Worship is slow as its music is, everyone knows that, so most of you expected that anyway, some of you will be pissed off, I understand that too. I can only say: It’s a first for me, to work fulltime with audio, it’s exciting, and unpredictable. But Worship will go on. I love my new sound, and I can’t wait to hold the new album in my hands.

~ by Daniel Pharos on October 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Time”

  1. I guess everyone is used to wait long times between albums anyways, specially in doom; so who says it needs to be rushed? Better to have a good album every ten years that a bunch of stitched-toghether random riffs every month, at least I can say that the last time it was well worth the wait.

    Hell, I know it’s a complete pain in the ass to adjust yourself to an art-related schedule (I paint), but better focus on that to be sure you can keep such a dream job.

    Anyway, good luck with the job, you’ve been doing some amazing stuff for what I’ve seen on your project’s videos!

  2. I can’t wait too have new Worship too

  3. u.u
    well, please!!! upload soon a sample, the traclist, the cover or ar least the name of the new album!!! please!!!!

    good luck in your new work

  4. I am still working on most of the things you like me to post, so bear with me… Will progress every day a bit, and suddenly we have an album.

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