The (probably) complete tour dates!

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The (probably) complete tour dates:

Friday, October 19 – Helvete – Oberhausen – Germany
Saturday, October 20 – Magasin4 – Brussels – Belgium
Sunday, October 21 – Dutch Doom Days – Baroeg – Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Monday, October 22 – Mukkes – Leeuwarden – The Netherlands
Tuesday, October 23 – Markthalle – Hamburg – Germany
Wednesday, October 24 – Ungdomshuset – Copenhagen – Denmark
Thursday, October 25 – HooDoo Music Club – Prague – Czech Republic
Friday, October 26 – Doom over Vienna – The Escape – Vienna – Austria
Saturday, October 27 – Sub – Graz – Austria

Thanks to Doomstar Bookings for the good work of setting all this up…

New Merchandise Item: Worship Cross Pendant Jewellery !

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Check out this wonderful WORSHIP cross we have now available in our shop:


Worship Autumn Tour

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Hey guys,

good news for you… There will be a Worship Tour in Autumn 2012! We will drive in a big circle through Europe, together with Faal (Netherlands)…   We are looking at the 2nd half of October. A few somethings are solid, a lot of gaps still exist.

Now it’s your turn! If you are a promoter, booking for a club or festival, or in good contacts with one, get in touch with our booking agency:

Doomstar Bookings

Central Europe is prefered for this to form a tight tour, but if you ever want us to hit another continent, ever, we’d love to!

And before you go, if you are NOT in any position to book us, you still count. Post to our website or our Facebook page and tell us where you want us to go. Reply to this. I read everything. It will be interesting to us (and to promoters!) to see where the most demand is, and to see that we are wanted at all. It will certainly not help our case if this announcement meets extreme utter boredom from your side.

Maybe I can tease you a bit further to help us make this tour happen: A tour means I need to have the album done around that date! I don’t want to meet you without a new album in hand. That was what I was hinting at on Facebook, I found a brilliant way to kick my own arse to have it finally done… The looming tour. The very very worst would be an exclusive preorder deal for the concert crowd, if something bad happens, but I will have the album out in time if the gods won’t intervene.

Your Tourmonger.

We cant play Rites of Darkness

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48hs before our flight and we have no plane tickets, so we can’t go! Details on facebook ( )We gave this ultimatum and Danny couldn’t provide them, so sorry!!!!

But we will come to USA one day, flights are not so expensive, any promoters or offers this way please.
See you in Denmark!

Worship LIVE in TEXAS USA!

•November 8, 2011 • 2 Comments

Good morning US worshippers. After many years of “sorries” and “some-days”, I can finally tell you that YES we are about to hit US soil next month! We have been asked to play the…

Rites of Darkness Festival III
December 9th to 11th 2011
San Antonio, Texas, USA

I played somewhat around 150 gigs in my life, but I never played in the US. This is a MAJOR achievement and adventure for us, believe me…

We are replacing a band that has canceled, so we are not on the flyer below. And I heard we have received not too shabby a slot, rather late in the festival… Make sure you don’t leave early!

We will be present for a few days, though, and we will also explore Texas a bit. Hope to meet a lot of you guys, make some friends, and hang out with the US worshippers… You have the serious mission to entertain us and show us around, so be prepared! 😉

First Worship gig for 2012 confirmed

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Worship will play at Heavy Days In Doom Town, 3rd to 6th of May 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Another first time in a new country, and the festival sounds very well prepared! I hope to meet many of you there…

Totally excited to be on the road and on stage again (after a dry spell of over 2 years, and it’s 3 for Worship already)! So, everything I lack in album progress I make up in live surprises, because there is a 2nd gig about to be confirmed, a 3rd undecided. Stay tuned, and keep those concert requests coming!



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Will offset this negative post with a cool one. Still almost no progress with the album, I’m sorry, but on the other hand I am thinking a lot about Worship these days, and the album will be done.

Avalanche Speed

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pfr………. My drummer is kicking my butt, he wants to finish his recordings  next month, will try to make it happen! At least, next week I will have a look at new necessary equipment for the recordings… Still working on the lyrics, should have been done days ago… But I am often distracted by my other music duties, it’s a strange situation I am living in nowadays.

The poll looks OK, seems like 10% are pissed off by a potential rerelease of the split EP songs, but the vast majority would love it… Will think about it for a while…

New Poll: Limited LP with old split EP songs?

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This comes up every now and then, and so again this time on our new Facebook page.  I don’t know. Is it OK to re-release lost songs of the old split eps, and put it on a limited LP with a new track? Or would this be disrespectful towards the faithful collectors and the statement STRICTLY “LIMITED”.

I know, some will scream “do what you want, why do you care what others think?”  Well, I can’t help it. The Worshippers make this band possible, and I can’t be so evil to make something which would totally anger say 60% of the fanbase.

So, speak up your mind, and I will take your results as guidance.

Worship now has an official Facebook page

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Until we can assign a custom link to it, the link would be: