New Poll: Limited LP with old split EP songs?

This comes up every now and then, and so again this time on our new Facebook page.  I don’t know. Is it OK to re-release lost songs of the old split eps, and put it on a limited LP with a new track? Or would this be disrespectful towards the faithful collectors and the statement STRICTLY “LIMITED”.

I know, some will scream “do what you want, why do you care what others think?”  Well, I can’t help it. The Worshippers make this band possible, and I can’t be so evil to make something which would totally anger say 60% of the fanbase.

So, speak up your mind, and I will take your results as guidance.

~ by Daniel Pharos on August 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “New Poll: Limited LP with old split EP songs?”

  1. I think it’s a good idea, I doubt people bought the splits and eps just because they were limited (seems kinda stupid to me); if they did it it surely was because of the music. Nevertheless, I don’t possess any of those discs nor have ever considered myself a collector, so I can’t give an opinion as if I were one.
    Listen to what the majority says, and if the general vote ends up as a no, you can always put at least those songs on mp3 format on sites like itunes so the fans who never got the original eps won’t miss the chance to listen to them.

  2. I’d definitely pick up a copy. The only split of yours I have is Elemental Doom Trilogy 1, and chances are good I won’t be able to afford those releases (the cheapest is going for 35 USD on discogs, and discogs is generally the cheapest source for second-hand records).

    Just make sure you get some sick artwork for the cover. It needs to fit in visually with my Last Vinyl and DOOOOOOOOOOOOM LPs. Well, it doesn’t need to, but that would be nice.

    Will there ever be a second and third part to the trilogy, btw?

    • Currently I am aiming towards graphics more in the vein of Dooom CD… I will take great care that it fits to Worship and to the album. As I will deal with the LPs myself, I don’t feel the need to go shopping for a 2nd set of artwork.

      2nd/3rd part of the trilogy, well I already have written one song for them, but I don’t want to delay the album anymore, so that is currently on pause.

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