Avalanche Speed

pfr………. My drummer is kicking my butt, he wants to finish his recordings  next month, will try to make it happen! At least, next week I will have a look at new necessary equipment for the recordings… Still working on the lyrics, should have been done days ago… But I am often distracted by my other music duties, it’s a strange situation I am living in nowadays.

The poll looks OK, seems like 10% are pissed off by a potential rerelease of the split EP songs, but the vast majority would love it… Will think about it for a while…

~ by Daniel Pharos on August 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “Avalanche Speed”

  1. I can’t handle with my tension to know that soon I’ll be a new Worship album in my hands.
    I hope that you can handle Worship as good as possible with your others music duties.

    I’d like to ask you something…What guitar gear do you use?
    I see some marshall and engl heads, marshall cabs in videos and pictures and a boss me-50 owned by Satachrist.
    I ask you cause Last Vinyl to doomsday and Dooom has the best guitar tone that I heard in my entire life, it’s supernatural even I used to listen so many doom/drone and death metal bands. Beyond this you’re my favorite guitar player beside Trey Azagthoth and Vogg from Decapitated. Diferent styles but you’re the best to me.

    I hope not to be bothering you too much.
    Thanks Daniel.

    • Thanks for the nice words, I really appreciate that… I am quite awful on the guitar technically speaking, but I think I might have an idea about feeling, so I am glad that I could fake such a good reception with you. Forget the live gear, we were flying a lot so I was always using non-ideal gear… “Last Vinyl” I used quite awful stuff, I used my old Zoom (I believe 2020)… Oh dear. For the first 3 EPs we used a horrible contraption of two combined amps, one of them a bass amp, all distortion to the max + fx pedals… Ouch! “Dooom” I used H&K equipment and VST Plugins like Guitar Rig and Amplitube. All gigs (except 1) and all recordings I used my fellow PRS guitar for melodies. I am about to get something new for the rhythms, I used a variety of guitars for that in the past…

      H&K are awesome. They endorse(d) my other not so much alive band Beyond The Void.

      • Wow, what unexpected answer!
        I expected at least something like “JCM 900 miking with some badass pedal to get a badass punch…” in Last Vinyl. This is incredible, my admiration is growing up even more.
        I was talking with a friend about that and how this inspired me to focus on to get the best tone with my own gear instead spend money with more and perhaps unnecessary equipament.
        That’s where songwriting comes in.
        Yeah, H&K are awesome and Beyond The Void is awesome too – sadly underrated, in Brazil just few people know.
        I can’t thank you enough for informations, I really appreciate it.
        Thanks in advance Daniel.

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