Worship Autumn Tour

Hey guys,

good news for you… There will be a Worship Tour in Autumn 2012! We will drive in a big circle through Europe, together with Faal (Netherlands)…   We are looking at the 2nd half of October. A few somethings are solid, a lot of gaps still exist.

Now it’s your turn! If you are a promoter, booking for a club or festival, or in good contacts with one, get in touch with our booking agency:

Doomstar Bookings

Central Europe is prefered for this to form a tight tour, but if you ever want us to hit another continent, ever, we’d love to!

And before you go, if you are NOT in any position to book us, you still count. Post to our website or our Facebook page and tell us where you want us to go. Reply to this. I read everything. It will be interesting to us (and to promoters!) to see where the most demand is, and to see that we are wanted at all. It will certainly not help our case if this announcement meets extreme utter boredom from your side.

Maybe I can tease you a bit further to help us make this tour happen: A tour means I need to have the album done around that date! I don’t want to meet you without a new album in hand. That was what I was hinting at on Facebook, I found a brilliant way to kick my own arse to have it finally done… The looming tour. The very very worst would be an exclusive preorder deal for the concert crowd, if something bad happens, but I will have the album out in time if the gods won’t intervene.

Your Tourmonger.

~ by Daniel Pharos on April 29, 2012.

10 Responses to “Worship Autumn Tour”

  1. 4/29/12

  2. Kommt nach Österreich, leider wird in Graz weniger bedarf sein, so dass man sich als Band überlegt, dort wirklcih vor 20-50 Leuten zu spielen.
    Wien ist da schon eher interessant

  3. braunschweig! x)

  4. Great to know that you’ll be touring and a new release will be coming soon! Will there be any chance of you playing in Japan in the future?

  5. Daniel, this is Alex from the U.S.A.! I haven’t seen you in quite some time — not since my visit to Holland in 2005, but I still love Worship, and I have continued checking out your updates.

    I hope that you’ll finally make it to the United States sometime. It’d probably be ideal for it to be (or at least include) New York. I’m in Massachusetts, but would surely travel to see the show.

    I’m looking forward to the album, and it’s good to hear that you will be touring again. I hope you are well. Cheers, my friend.

  6. Well, since you’re already booked for Denmark in a few days I’m pretty content. Of course I’d definitely go see you again on the tour if you where to play around these parts (Denmark/southern Sweden).

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