New Album ready to be pre-ordered, US Tour Dates

“Dusk of Legion, Morning of One”

– that is the name of our forthcoming album, which you can now pre-order in our very own online shop:


(Digipak or tape, plus fitting album shirt, Last Shirt Before Doomsday (it’s back!) and a new “Last XX” hoodie!)


The limited first edition of the CD will come as a cool Digipak (released by Weird Truth, Japan). Designed by The Doommonger (that’s me), using my photos and paintings, so expect it to be different, personal (weird?) and close to my vision.

When do they ship?

All items are estimated to ship in November, we will let you know as soon as we know more.

How about vinyl?

A wonderful 2LP edition is coming up, too, but as we are currently signing on to a new label, we can’t accept pre-orders yet. I think it will spawn in the 1st quarter of 2016, but we will let you know precisely as soon as we know more.

And digital?

We are currently joining Bandcamp. Every order of the CD will receive a free code for a digital copy of the album (sent with the “item has been shipped” notification)! That way, you can listen to the music as soon as the cd ships (if you desire), no matter how far away you live. This is guaranteed for pre-orders, and we reserve the right to adjust this for future orders after seeing how well it went. Other digital options will be announced later.

Why pre-order?

You don’t have to. It’s a good way to secure a copy of the limited digipak 1st edition, though, and the only way to receive our special little pre-order gift.  But honestly: It’s just a big help to us, and a great way to show your support 🙂 I totally get it if you dislike pre-orders and prefer to wait.

Other sizes?

If you need any other sizes for the new merch, just let me know ( info AT EndzeitElegies Dot Com). Thanks to the pre-order, I will most probably be able to help you out!

How is the album?

“Right after our 2012 tour with FAAL, I started writing on our next album, inspired by the adventures and on-stage highlights of that wonderful tour (which was a turning point for us). 3 years later, “Dusk of Legion, Morning of One” is about to be released!

Because of the live influence, there are more riffs and more dramatic moments. For the first time, all our musicians will also play on the album (less work for me!). The range of moods and paces is slightly raised, some new well-blended elements will meet our faithful foundation. Songs are pretty much packed full of ideas, without losing sight of what we really are, I hope you can feel 3 years of fat-trimming and polishing. 5 Songs (+Intro) take you on a solitary messiah/pariah journey to the early hours of mankind & the birth of its fatal Flaw, falling from the heights of Creation through the deepest valleys of despair. “

WORSHIP – Dusk of Legion, Morning of One
(WT045,Weird Truth)

60 minutes, 6 tracks
Dusk (Intro)
Weight of a Fallen World
Core of Shadows
The Promised Wastelands
Garden of Undoing
Morning of One

Talking of Live: Check out our US tour dates:

WORSHIP, LYCUS (filling in for LOSS), Shroud of the Heretic

Friday October 2nd — Seattle, WA at Highline

Saturday October 3rd — Portland, OR at Panic Room

Sunday October 4th — TBA

Monday October 5th — Salt Lake City, UT at Metro Bar

Tuesday October 6th — Denver, CO at 3 Kings Tavern

Wednesday October 7th — Phoenix, AZ at Yucca Tap Room

Thursday October 8th — Los Angeles (Glendale), CA at The Complex

Sunday October 11th — Oakland, CA at California Deathfest

~ by Daniel Pharos on September 28, 2015.

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