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Last show before doomsday? Better catch Worship at Roadburn 2018, just in case

Worship are legendary, particularly within the doom community. And even if you aren’t too familiar with them, the fact they released a record called Dooom in 2007 should really tell you all about them. One of the most important bands to have helped define the characteristics of the very specific funeral doom subgenre in the 90s, after the first wave of Thergothon, Skepticism, Esoteric or Funeral got the ball rolling (really, really slowly, and uphill, of course), they achieved cult status with their very first release already. The wonderfully titled Last Tape Before Doomsday had, back in 1999, an impact on the scene like few other releases have managed to. The tragic beauty of its four long and mournful songs, looms constantly over its 46 minutes, always raw and minimalist, with broken strands of piano and occasional acoustic interludes only adding to the feeling of impending dread rather than alleviating it.

Almost unbearably heavy, Last Tape Before Doomsday grew way beyond its modest beginnings, over time – originally a demo, obviously released on tape, it’s been since reissued many times, with the title accompanying the corresponding format, so all you doom maniacs, at least the self-respecting ones, probably have several copies of the Last CD Before Doomsday or the Last Vinyl Before Doomsday at home. And now, it’s finally time for Roadburn to provide the Last Show Before Doomsday! That’s right, Worship will perform the entirety of this legendary demo/album at Roadburn 2018, from the harrowing beginning of Whispering Gloom to the twisted final chords and piercing feedback at the end of the self-titled final song, Worship. We’re getting chills already just thinking about it.

Worship will be performing Last Tape Before Doomsday in its entirety at 013 venue on Saturday, 21 April. It’s been nice knowing you all.

José Carlos Santos / December 2017

~ by Daniel Pharos on December 14, 2017.

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