Order new WORSHIP Funeral Doom album on CD/LP/MC and new merch!

Order WORSHIP’s new Funeral Doom album now! On CD, Double LP and Tape!

New in our shop: New CD, New 2LP, New Tape, Tour Shirt “Terranean Wake”, Shirt “Terranean Cross”, Zipper Jacket “Terranean Cross” and buttons! More info to each in our shop:

Please note the estimated release dates.

The first 200 orderers of one of the new items in our shop from today on will get a little special unique thank you for your very welcome support of WORSHIP!

6 Euro secure flatrate shipping worldwide. You can ask for an autograph in your order comment!

New shop features: Also in French! Better smooth connection to Paypal. New shipping option: “Add to my other open order without additional shipping costs!” You can preorder the LP now, and while that is waiting add a shirt later, no extra shipping costs. (find this among the shipping options marked with 0 EURO).

If you prefer to shop locally: The new stuff will be partially also available at the connected labels Weird Truth (CD, www.weirdtruth.jp) and Bubonic (Tape, www.endserver.com/bubonic/), their distros worldwide and our distros and resellers worldwide. We will promote them all on our Facebook page as soon as we know the stuff has hit their shops! You can ask me, too.

AND LAST: Please promote this, share this, tell your doom friends. Thanks for your ongoing support! If you are a facebook user please share this post , or retweet this.

See you on tour,


Friday, October 19 – Helvete – Oberhausen – Germany
Saturday, October 20 – Magasin4 – Brussels – Belgium
Sunday, October 21 – Dutch Doom Days – Baroeg – Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Monday, October 22 – Mukkes – Leeuwarden – The Netherlands
Tuesday, October 23 – Markthalle – Hamburg – Germany
Wednesday, October 24 – Ungdomshuset – Copenhagen – Denmark
Thursday, October 25 – HooDoo Music Club – Prague – Czech Republic
Friday, October 26 – Doom over Vienna – The Escape – Vienna – Austria
Saturday, October 27 – Sub – Graz – Austria

~ by Daniel Pharos on September 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Order new WORSHIP Funeral Doom album on CD/LP/MC and new merch!”

  1. Hi man! I’m Manuel Molteni, from the online webzine holymetal.com, from Italy. We are very interested to have the possibility to have an interviw via email with you in order to publish it on our site. Please let me know if you are also intersted. Please let we know if we have also the possibility to recieve your last “Terranean Wake” in order to make a review. Thanks for the reply!

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