Progress! And Lyrics

As I am in a very dark and foul mood on and off these last 2 weeks, not my usual state of mind, I used the force of my mood to write some lyrics… I have written a few pages for Song 2 and Song 3. I am getting more and more in the mood to complete the album, already guessing how many days of work it is, thinking about when I might have those days available, every now and then going to my lyrics corner to write down an idea.

While I agree that it is the best time to work on Worship when I am feeling down, I still hope to be my almost-optimistic self again soon. My peace of mind is clouded, and I hate that when I want to be creative… Maybe we can, together, muster enough material for half a hope? Anyone?

~ by Daniel Pharos on July 1, 2011.

One Response to “Progress! And Lyrics”

  1. Great to know there’s still progress with Worship, and hope you’ll be back on your best soon!

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