Yes they are available

Short commercial, as I have been asked 2 times in the past few days if the stuff in our tiny shop is indeed available, if Last CD Before Doomsday and Last Vinyl Before Doomsday and/or Dooom CD can be bought there.  Yes, they can. Only the shirts are getting thinner, the rest is very much available!

I think it’s interesting that some people can’t believe they can buy my stuff, so maybe I need to be more public about it? Consider this one such little move.

I know. What an empty post. But I hope the search engines will be thankful at least. Doom! Funeral Doom! CD Worship Buy Shop Thing! 😉

~ by Daniel Pharos on June 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Yes they are available”

  1. Just because it’s funeral doom doesn’t mean it’s super rare and you don’t have to offer much currency for it on eeeebæy!

    Cheers from Akelei 🙂

  2. I remember looking up Dooom on eBay and seeing a price tag of 90$ USD for the vinyl. Was like “man, there’s no way I could afford that”.

    Then my friend showed me the album. D’oh!

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