June and July look quite good

OK they are hot as shite, I know, but it looks as if I will have some time to invest into Worship in those months, especially July. Just practiced the new songs a bit, and I guess they are soon done enough to be recorded for the album. The rest 10% will come while recording, as I try different things.

I always set wrong dates, but I think technically it is possible that I finish the mix in July. I won’t promise anything, because who knows what will happen…

~ by Daniel Pharos on May 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “June and July look quite good”

  1. hey man, i’ve been into doom for many,many years and for whatever reason ,only recently discovered worship. absolutely excellent doom! when will your shop have more large sized worship shirts? anhow, ’til next time, doom on !

    • Hi, thanks! The plan is to make 2 shirts, 1 old 1 new, to be available with the album, so that our customers can pile stuff together to save postage.

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