Only little news

Still busy, still working on soundtracks = my new job. I could never have estimated how busy it will keep me, sorry again… Who would have thought? Quite painfully busy until June, then nothing so far. We can hope.

Our demonic score for “Dungeons” has received some second-hand glory by the game hitting #1 German charts and #8 in the UK charts earlier this year. So, I have a number 1 album now – of sorts, if I squint a little. The music is very evil, about catacombs, dungeons, ruins and hell, so nothing to be ashamed of at all….

But I made some progress, Worship Song 3 made a large jump ahead and is much closer to finished composition-wise. I made some plans how to record the drums, first test recordings after I got my new audio interface…

And I keep on thinking about the album after the next. Talking about it with drummer Claus every now and then, and doing some research…  If I can shape my life around it, and if my financing idea works, it will be a big project for 2012…

Ah and please contact me with gig offers… We have something planned for the winter and need more dates!

~ by Daniel Pharos on April 20, 2011.

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