Still much too slow. Many things try to steer my attention away from Worship, which is bad, and I hope to invest more energy in the near future. It’s nice that everybody appears to be very understanding and patient about this. Thanks.

I had a day this weekend where I could concentrate on Worship, I went through the album songs again, closed a few gaps, changed some parts… I still have a few parts which must be improved so I am content with the album, and I hope those ideas will come to me soon.

I also – hit me with a stick – had great ideas about the album after the next. The concept for it came to my mind a few years ago.. it’s quite ambitious… A bit epic. I had a wonderful plan how to pull it off… I discussed it with my drummer yesterday… We’ll see… I am always a bit careful when I do new things with my old band. I shouldn’t care what you guys think, I know. But somehow it feels important to treat Worship right. I don’t feel I “own” Worship. I respect Worship very much, and while I do want it to grow and be successful, I don’t want to taint it or twist it anywhere it shouldn’t be.

The only thing that helps to maintain that strategy is to think about everything for a long time. That’s why it takes forever for me to record the album, I need to feel it is done and right.

~ by Daniel Pharos on March 14, 2011.

One Response to “Thoughts”

  1. I hope we can hear the new album sooner.

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