Working on Song #3

Ok, now I’m really making progress here. I decided to put this song on Slot #3 on the new album. That’s the same one I had some ideas for a few days back. So now I have the order of songs solid. I now worked out how to start the song, it has a lot of content now and might be the 2nd longest song on the album. It has some clean guitar parts and 2 heavy parts, an atmospheric mid section and a longer end part with 3 segments. I think it’s complete, but I have to polish it of course.

So 2 songs are in itself almost complete, but I still have not written down any lyrics, that’s how I am. But I have of course a lot of ideas and feelings for both songs.

I am not sure about song #2, I have to take some time to get that one right.

~ by Daniel Pharos on April 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Working on Song #3”

  1. looking forward to it, daniel.

  2. Dear Mr. Pharos, I always follow your updates and i just cant wait for your new masterpiece.

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