News about the 2010 Album

First, as discussed yesterday in my personal blog, yours truly will become fulltime musician in June. I don’t know how many funeral doom metal band leaders out there are fulltime musicians, but I’ll soon be!

Don’t fear that Worship will suffer in any way. I will continue to treat the band with the utmost respect and will not start acting like a boyband. The opposite is the case! I will have more time to invest into Worship. I can make potentially better albums, but surely more frequent releases.

I have customers in the soundtrack business, but Worship plays a big role in my life. I have to be thankful for my true and noble fanbase, thank you for supporting Worship for so long. That very support, not only financially by good sales, is what makes this wonderful step possible: Without you, I wouldn’t have made it past the loss of my good friend Max who started the band with me. Many emails and letters moved me to go on.

Let’s look into the future. After the move to our new studio facilities in June is complete, one of the first things will be the start of the recordings for the yet untitled new Worship album. Yesterday I alluded a bit to what it will be about, today I will give a few more details:

It will be available on CD and LP. It will not be a Double LP this time, so the length will be limited by what an LP will hold, and the songs need to group to 2 vinyl sides, naturally. A Double LP made sense as it took me 7 years to release the last album. Now, I want to create an album in about 2 years, and invest the time rather into quality than in number of songs.

As song number #1 is going to turn out quite long, I will possibly fit only 3 songs on the album, but it will have a playing time close to the maximum of an LP. Good news for lovers of long epic doom songs (like I am).

That is about all I can reveal right now. I am definitely aiming for a 2010 release, late autumn, early winter. I could never forsee all possible problems that might delay that, but I have much more time and freedom to tackle that production.

I can only end by saying that I give my whole soul in doing this album, and I know that I am trusting Worship’s fanbase a lot in this. But I think the trust is very well placed in you! I hope you trust me in return, and will support what I think will be a great new Worship album! I have a few ideas how you might help me pull this off, more about that later! 🙂

Subscribe to this blog, or to our Myspace blog, and I keep you updated. I have a few surprises left for later… 🙂 And I am really interested in your comments!

~ by Daniel Pharos on April 21, 2010.

One Response to “News about the 2010 Album”

  1. Mr. Pharos, I love all of your doomish melodies, I know the new one will be an another good one.

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