Some Work on Song #1

This morning, I picked up my Worship guitar to polish the various parts of Song #1 (no name, still) for the next album. This will be the longest song on the album. I have been working on this bastard for years, it has a lot of parts, and strong themes I think. In the first phase, which can be very long, I only work in my head. Some parts first met a guitar today.  This is a skill (or weird quirk, as you prefer) which I developed over the years.

Downside: If I drop dead today, all songs are lost. I don’t write anything down.
Upside: I can work on Worship wherever I am, whatever I do.

When an idea hits me, I am ready. Sometimes I cheat and sketch ideas with my Iphone’s voice recorder. Otherwise, I have an awful memory. I have to hammer evey line of lyrics into my head. But I’m quite good with melodies. I have no problem at all to remember songs I have written 14 years ago but never recorded or written down.

I often use parts of the old songs in new Worship songs, I did it on “Dooom” several times. For example: Verse 2 of “I am The End” is one of the first songs I have ever written. I never actually finished that song, it was a vampire song called “My Last Sunset” (I was young!), but the verse was interesting I think (the chorus sucked, for you the cutting room floor). Or, most parts of “Whispering Gloom” or “Graveyard Horizon” are very old, around 1995.

Back to the new album: If you must ask, Song #1 reminds me a bit of  “Graveyard Horizon”, “Zorn A Rust-Red Scythe” and some My Dying Bride and Esoteric, maybe, in the scale of songs like “Whispering Gloom” or “Worship”. It’s long, much longer than anything on “Dooom”. It will contain a lot of Worship aspects, even some from “Last Tape” which have not been tapped recently.

“Song #1” will be the opener (duh) and will narrate the dream I had recently. I had a dream about the end of days, with an interesting twist. This is like a gift, to be sent a story in my dreams which is actually still good after I wake up. I have to use it. I want to use it for Song #1 and for the album concept. Most important is to remember the feeling.

Usually, we dream more subtext than substance, e.g. actually dreaming the feeling “this is very good” but it really isn’t. Or, I had that a lot, I dream “This is the best song I have ever written”. If I can indeed remember anything from the song after I wake up, it’s usually rubbish. That’s how dreams work. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to do any work at all!

~ by Daniel Pharos on April 20, 2010.

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