I have a few ideas for 2 albums at least… At least I have a good idea for the album after the next. I wonder what you feel about the release frequency. There is a poll on the righthand-side of the blog. If the next album comes out in 2010, when should the album after it be released?

~ by Daniel Pharos on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Future”

  1. hoi daniel i think you have to choose because you are the creator of the albums.for me it makes no different because you guys are one of my favorite funeraldoom band and i think you will make more briliant albums.but thanks anyway for asking me.hoop to see you soon live on stage. cheers funeraltino.

  2. About the release frequency… from the view of dedicated fan of Worship I can tell, that I can live no matter how long just from the hope, that there will be new album. If there would be an album comming every year and the music itself would still be as good… well that’s heaven on earth. I think, that you know the best if the material you have is done and brilliant… so far it was.

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