Plans solid

Hey everyone,
plans are solid concerning timeframe.
In June, my new studio will be set up. This will keep me busy of course, but still, I will be able to launch recordings for Worship’s next album in mid June. Depending on my other duties, I might be ready as soon as August. Maybe. That WOULD mean we have the thing out in Winter. That would be great.

I have a new concept for the album (I facebooked about that recently) which I got in my dreams. That’s useful. Have to love that. Not sure about the name, but I know the feeling I want to evoke , images , and I have a lot of music ready.

New shirt prints will come in July. For once, I am able to make very good predictions, because this is all based on contracts which I can trust.

More soon,

The Doommonger

~ by Daniel Pharos on March 17, 2010.

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  1. I can’t waiting for it.

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