Worship 2010

Things look good for Worship this year.

I need to write some more material for the next album, but the stuff I have written so far makes me say: this will be a great album, if i say so myself.

Next Monday I will be able to say more about my schedule for this year, but I plan to record and release the next album, print some shirts (please see the poll in the sidebar to help me choose which), possibly play a gig or 2.

Nikki “Doomnike” Morgenroth, pro guitar and bass player, will have a chance to be active in both fields on the album. You might know him as the bass player from the 2008 gigs. The rest I will do myself I think.

I am between 2 different title/cover concepts, will reveal this much later. I will also promote this album differently. I hope for your help with that, or your hate, respectively. Thanks Worshippers, I couldn’t do this without you.

– The Doommonger

~ by Daniel Pharos on March 3, 2010.

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